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The 36 marketing secrets and tricks to boost your advertising response The aim for “The 36 Marketing Secrets” is for all the small-business owners to beat their rivals who are the big companies, and effectively attract customers for a small budget, and to boost sales. As it were, it’s like “a bible to show you the advertising methods that the disadvantaged can use to beat the more powerful”
First of all, I have to tell you that “The 36 Marketing Secrets” isn't just a desk plan that is usually too difficult to put into practice. Also, we often see it in the typical know-how books and advertising theory that is discussed in seminars and so on.
So, there are various means that you can use to attract customers, not by only TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines but also the Internet, transit advertisements, outdoor advertisements, free papers, the advertisement handbill, DM (direct mail), posting, fax DM and so on. I call all of these the advertisement collectively in this 36 marketing secrets and tricks and wrote the contents to cover almost all sorts of the media.
Also in the end, you should be able to apply this to SNS (the social network service) where people can use most of the services which have stormed the world such as Twitter and Facebook for free.

To the business owners who are looking for a business partner in Japan.
My company's only advantage is that; we can do a better job for your company than anyone else
It means that we can solve your problems which you have at present and make up for the ability that is lacking for you to achieve your company's goal.

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